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The Difference Between Microspray and Sprinkler Irrigation

The difference between micro-spray and sprinkler irrigation is.
1. Micro-spraying has a range, but the range is closer, - generally within 5 meters. Sprinkler irrigation is farther range, to the national PY series of rocker sprinklers, for example, the range of 9.5-68 meters.
2. Micro-sprinkler sprinkler water atomization is high, but also small droplets, and thus the intensity of the blow to the crop is small, uniformity is good, will not harm the seedlings. Sprinkler irrigation in the water droplets are large, easy to hurt young seedlings.
3. Micro-spraying requires low working pressure, - generally in the range of 0.7-3 kg square centimeters can operate well. The working pressure of sprinkler irrigation, - generally more than 3 kg square centimeters to have a better effect.
4. Micro-sprinkler water saving, the general spray volume of 200 - 400 liters / hour. And the national PY series of sprinkler head water spray volume: 1.35- 116 .54 cubic meters per hour. It can be seen that the micro-sprinkler than sprinkler irrigation is more energy-saving water.
5. Micro-sprinkler structure is simple, inexpensive, easy to install, reliable.