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Spraying machines and technology for their use

Agricultural sprayer is a kind of machine that disperses the liquid, is a kind of drug application machinery, divided into agricultural, medical and other uses (such as industrial). Generally known as manpower or small battery-operated machine driven sprayer, engine-driven sprayer. Measure the quality of the sprayer indicators: 1, droplet size; 2, spray volume; 3, spray width and range. In addition to the quality of the sprayer's operation with the machine has to do, but also with the use of technology (also known as application technology).

Classification of sprayers

Sprayer according to the working principle of hydraulic, pneumatic and centrifugal sprayer. According to the way of carrying hand-held, backpack, shoulder, pedal, stretcher, cart, self-propelled, tractor, suspended, and so on, there are aviation sprayer. Tractor-drawn or suspended motorized sprayer is suitable for the control of pests and diseases of field crops, usually for the spray bar type.

Spray bar sprayer

Spray bar sprayer is a kind of spray nozzle installed in the horizontal spray bar or vertical spray bar on the motorized sprayer. It is a kind of agricultural equipment to complete the spraying operation with the tractor and disperse the liquid. This type of sprayer has high operational efficiency, good spray quality, spray liquid volume distribution, suitable for large area spraying of various pesticides, fertilizers and plant production regulators and other liquid preparations, widely used in field crops, lawns, nurseries, wall vineyards and specific occasions (such as airports, roads, snow melting, highway side of the weed, etc.). In recent years, the operation area of field rod sprayer has accounted for more than 5% of China's pest and weed control area. With the adjustment of agricultural planting structure and the improvement of the degree of scale as well as the rapid growth of the market share of large and medium-sized tractors, the spray bar sprayer technology will play an increasingly important role.