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Notice of the Ministry of Agriculture on Accelerating the Mechanization of Plant Protection

Since the reform and opening up, with the acceleration of China's agricultural mechanization, China's plant protection mechanization has also made great progress, the number of motorized plant protection machinery has increased significantly, the performance of plant protection machinery continues to improve, the motorized plant protection mechanization operation area continues to expand, plant protection mechanization technology has been popularized and applied to promote agricultural disaster recovery and harvests have made an important contribution. However, at present, China's motorized plant protection machinery equipment quantity is insufficient, the level of mechanized plant protection operations is not high, in the use of plant protection machinery in manual machinery still accounts for a large proportion of the phenomenon of "running, risking, dripping, leaking" phenomenon is common, affecting the utilization rate of pesticides and prevention and control effects, easy to cause environmental pollution, personal accidents and pesticide residues exceeding the standards and other hidden dangers, and with the The development of modern agriculture, to ensure the quality of agricultural products and agro-ecological environment is not compatible with the requirements. In order to carry out the spirit of Document No.1 in depth, adhere to the policy of "prevention as the mainstay, comprehensive prevention and control", in accordance with the concept of "public plant protection, green plant protection", give full play to the role of agricultural mechanization in the prevention and control of pests, diseases and grasses, accelerate the promotion of plant protection mechanization, and improve the ability of plant disease, pest and grass control, and promote the development of the agricultural industry, and promote the development of the agricultural industry. control of pests, diseases and grasses, and promote the stable development of agriculture and the sustainable increase of farmers' income.