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Agricultural sprinkler irrigation need to pay attention to the problems before use

Agricultural sprinkler irrigation machine is mainly used in agriculture, such as farmland sprinkler irrigation, crop sprinkler irrigation, fruit tree sprinkler irrigation, etc. will use agricultural sprinkler irrigation machine but agricultural sprinkler irrigation machine must be prepared before use, to prevent unnecessary failures. The following small make up to say to you before the use of agricultural sprinkler irrigation preparation matters.

1, the use of triangular belt drive, power machine spindle and pump parallel, the pulley to align, the distance shall not be less than twice the diameter of the two pulleys and twice the diameter. When the pump and power machine connected, should be equipped with a common chassis, using claw-type flexible coupling, pay attention to the concentricity of the main shaft of the power machine and pump shaft.

2, the pump installation height (suction pool water as a reference) should be lower than the permissible suction on the vacuum height of 1 ~ 2 meters. Work location of the soil should be solid, in order to prevent collapse or into the ground.

3, inlet pipe installation should pay special attention to prevent air leakage. Filter should be submerged in water, its depth of about 30 centimeters. And the bottom of the pool, the pool wall to maintain a certain distance, to prevent the inhalation of mud and sand and other impurities and air.

4, laying the outlet pipe, the hose should avoid friction with stones, bark and other objects, to avoid the wheels and pedestrians trampled, do not contact with the running parts. The hose should be rolled into a disk to move, do not touch the ground. The hard pipe should be disassembled into single sections, and it is forbidden to move many sections together to prevent abrasion and damage to the pipe and fittings. Pipes to avoid exposure to the sun and rain to prevent deformation or aging of the plastic pipe.

5, the spray frame support on the ground, the spray frame connector end should be placed as far as possible level, so that the nozzle rotation is uniform, and then fixed spray frame. Install the nozzle on the spray frame, check whether the nozzle rotation is flexible, pull back the rocker arm to see whether it is appropriate to tighten the rotating parts of the filling of the right amount of oil. Wipe the quick connector clean and connect it.

6、Before starting, check whether the pump shaft rotates in the right direction, whether it rotates evenly, and whether there is any abnormal phenomenon such as jamming and abnormal sound.

7、Before the centrifugal pump starts, it should be filled with water in the pump, and can be started after filling the water inlet pipe and pump body.