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Maintenance and troubleshooting

(1) the use and maintenance of backpack sprayer in addition to strictly in accordance with the requirements of the product instruction manual for the use of maintenance, should also focus on the following points.
(1) Industrial and agricultural a 16-type sprayer on the new cowhide bowl before installation should be immersed in oil or animal oil (avoid vegetable oil), soaked for 24 hours. To the pump barrel when installing the plug rod assembly, should pay attention to the side of the cowhide bowl placed diagonally in the pump barrel, and then make it rotate, the plug rod vertical, with the help of the other hand will be the edge of the leather bowl pressed into the pump barrel, can be successfully loaded, do not hard line plug people.
② according to the need to choose the appropriate spray bar and nozzle. NS-15 type sprayer has several types of spray bar, double nozzle T-shaped spray bar and four nozzle straight spray bar for wide-area spraying, U-shaped double nozzle spray bar can be used for spraying crop rows, sideways double nozzle spray bar is suitable for spraying the base of the crop on both sides of the rows. Hollow cone spray nozzles are available in several orifice sizes. The flow of large holes, thicker droplets, spray angle is larger; small holes, on the contrary, the flow is small, fine droplets, spray angle is smaller. According to the requirements of spraying operations and crop size appropriate choice.
③ In the NS-15 type sprayer T-shape straight spray rod installed on the 110 'slit nozzle, the nozzle on the groove to be slightly deflected and the axis of the spray rod at about 50 angles, so that the neighboring nozzles of the fog flow do not hit each other. When working, pay attention to the height of the spray bar, so that the fog flow of each nozzle overlaps each other, and the amount of fog is evenly distributed throughout the spraying width, which is suitable for use when spraying herbicides in a comprehensive manner.
④When working on the back, the rocker should be jailed 18-25 times per minute. Operators agricultural a 16, long I-10m sprayer should not bend down too much, in order to prevent the liquid from the lid of the barrel out of the splash on the body!