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Manual compression sprayer

Inside the suction seat at the bottom of the single tube sprayer, there is a water inlet valve. On the outer wall of the Secretary tube inside the air chamber, there is a water outlet valve. Both valves contain copper balls. In the work of the pressure changes, so that the ball bounced up and down to open and close the valve to control the flow of liquid.

When the plug rod rises, the space inside the tube suddenly increases, thus forming a local vacuum, the liquid in the atmospheric pressure, the role of the water inlet valve rushed away from the copper ball, into the Secretary Jane tube. When the plug rod downward pressure, the copper ball in the water inlet valve will be closed to the water inlet hole. Has entered the Qing tube tube liquid, only from the upper part of the Qing tube tube by the water valve hole outflow, push open the water valve copper ball, into the gas chamber. Liquid gradually increased, the air inside the air chamber will be compressed to generate pressure. The greater the ratio of compression, the greater the pressure generated.

Pressurized liquid, through the water connector, through the conduit (hose, spray rod, etc.) into the nozzle vortex chamber at high speed, resulting in vortex. Due to the centrifugal effect of the vortex and the difference between the pressure inside and outside the nozzle, the liquid through the nozzle that is the formation of mist